Look Good!   Give Back!   Varsity Club!

Varsity Club doesn’t have members or meetings. You won’t have to wear silly little hats and drive little cars in parades. Varsity Club doesn’t have a Grand Poobah or a secret handshake (okay the handshake could be cool).

Here’s what Varsity Club is all about and it’s all about giving back.

What is Varsity Club?

Varsity Club was created to give fans young and old, locally and across the country the opportunity to support their school by purchasing cool quality stuff, with an even cooler logo. Wear the Varsity Club gear it is an outward sign of support and pride that you have in your school or alma matter. You'll look great and we promise you won't have to sit in a circle, forced doodle while someone is "bouncing ideas" around on a white, or attend any secret meetings.

How can Varsity Club help your school?

Our program will help your school by acting as an ongoing fundraising campaign in your community! A percentage of each purchase of official Varsity Club Apparel will be donated back to your school or organization to be used as is needed.

Our Varsity Club Brand will become a part of your school's identity, and community, staff, students, and parents can all feel good about giving back while getting high quality athletic apparel.

So how does it work?

We will incorporate your school colors and the names of your school and mascot into Varsity Club's logo. Working with you, we set up an online store for your school, offering your Varsity Club apparel for purchase. We supply you with fliers and posters to promote the clothing line. The community purchases items from your store, and you get a check from us!