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We're so old, when we were young, rainbows were in black & white!

The Novelty Advertising Company in Coshocton, OH
pictured in the early 1900's
It has been over 117 years since the Novelty Advertising Company was chartered. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that has not changed is our commitment to providing the best quality promotional products along with outstanding customer service.

Put it this way - We've been doing this a really long time, and we're really good at it. We've definitely had enough time. A lot of time.

We've been here doing this since before there were airplanes, antibiotics, ballpoint pens, vacuum cleaners,
x-rays, Model T cars, quantum theory, and even Einstein's theory of relativity!
The Novelty Advertising Company was founded in 1895 and is now considered America’s Oldest Promotional Products Distributorship. Coshocton, Ohio is our home and was the birthplace of the Promotional Advertising industry in the 1880’s.

The Novelty Advertising Company in Coshocton, Ohio
Our founder, William Shaw, can trace his roots back to the very beginning being Jasper Meek’s production partner for the Tuscarora Advertising Company, the very first promotional products company in the world. We incorporated in 1900 to coincide with our move into our current building. Many of the products manufactured here, including metal signs and trays, hats, blankets, calendars, rulers, flyswatters, and thermometers, are now highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

We have continued to flourish for more than 117 years, building a tradition of quality, excellence and experience. We are a proud family owned and operated company with current leadership in its fourth generation starting in 1917 with Lloyd Coffman (1917-1929), Bill Coffman (1935-1965) ASNA President 1954, Robin Coffman (1965-2005), Greg Coffman (1997-Present), and Thad Coffman (2011-Present).
William S. Shaw decided to strike out on his own in early 1895 after helping to launch the promotional products industry in Coshocton with Jasper Meek in 1886. He started The Novelty Advertising Company and bought the old C.A. Mills flour mill on the corner of Hickory and Walnut streets and proceeded to get it ready for the manufacture and distribution of promotional products. During the process of cleaning out the mill, the flour covered floors were hosed down and broomed out the door. This caused quite a sensation in town as the results were huge noodles lying around the outside of the renovated building. Easily confused with the name Novelty, word quickly spread that Coshocton’s newest business was making giant sized noodles and the nickname “The Noodle” stuck.

Initially, we didn’t take well to our seemingly unfortunate nickname and spent years convincing our community we were an advertising business and not a noodle factory. As late as the 1920’s, company policy was to hang up the phone anytime someone asked if this was “The Noodle”. Our customer service has improved dramatically since.

Arriving full circle to embrace and combine the names Novelty and Noodle, we are making every effort to use our noodles to bring our customers fresh, new, original, and novel ideas. Let us put our tradition and experience to work for you today.